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Pioneer - Vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder deck
For real.  (at Rudy’s BBQ…)

more here xx
My old driveway, circa 1997, Key West, Florida
@malinandgoetz present night! Love my wife. #malinandgoetz #darkrum

The old studio in Los Angeles.
This is how we roll on a Friday night. @malinandgoetz
To the memory of a great man, my father-in-law Dan Gillen. He gave me his only daughter, the greatest gift ever.  (at A better place)
Now she’s friends with Skillerex. #cantkeepup #amazingx2 #matchinghaircutbonding (at Sxsw Music Festival)
Colleen hanging with A$AP Rocky during SXSW. #amazing  (at Sxsw Music Festival)
Annarose @mosakad  (at Mosak Advertising & Insights)
Soviet-era X-ray control panel.
#decadence. Second Bar + Kitchen flank steak and Brussels sprouts, in bed at home. . #lovemywife  (at soco lofts moto studio)